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Mobile services:

Ariana Shargh designing and engineering company (designer and administrative of Chapar SMS) has been programming and designing several software system SMS-based for two years. Therefor all users of this system could benefit from it in their cell phones referring to their interest. Chapar SMS services are now available in these categories and could be more attractive depending on your request:

1) SMS advertising service: Chapar SMS service in according to access to several variable methods of sending SMS and access to separated databases of cell phone numbers of different occupations in Iran has an exclusive capability for sending Persian and English SMS in Iran and all over the world, in a way that interested users to SMS advertising can choose it in a very low cost. In addition, because of cooperation with more than 480 mobile operators from all over the world it can send SMS in Emirate and rest of the world. For more information you can call company’s phone in Iran or send 9005 to 00989360511810. We are highly recommend it to Iranian businessmen and constructors in Dubai to use Chapar SMS for sending advertisement SMS to Iran.

2) SMS Shopping: any sellers of any kind of merchandise and all restaurateurs in any united in Emirate (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain and Ras al Khaimeh) in order to having access to their customers ‘ cell phone numbers and sending advertising SMS to them can use this service (for more information you can call Ariana Shargh company at 00985118820326-00985116088216)

3) Chapar SMS Card: Chapar SMS Card provides more than 75 exclusive entertainments and trading services for their users. And using this can accelerate trade of Iranian businessmen in Dubai (for example receiving gold universal cost and receiving e-mail in your cell phone) and amuse them in foreign country (such as sortilege of Hafez, sending unknown sender SMS to your friends in Iran, Sortilege of marriage, etc.) and sending SMS to your friends from all over the world.
For more information you can visit Chapar SMS website at
With best wishes for all Iranian from all over the world.

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